A place to share your passion, find inspiration, purchase plants, pottery, tools and more. 



 The Space

The Golden Garden is set in the outdoor space behind The Hangout, a historic building on 4th street in Long Beach also known as 'Retro Row'.

Within the retail space you can find the handmade products of local artisans, vintage goods and lifestyle merchandise. Our plants adorn the walls and ceiling of the interior so you can get a good idea of how they will look and feel in your own homes and gardens. Workshops and other events that reinforce a collaborative spirit are held on a regular basis.



Know your plant. While these are simple words, the philosophy of the Golden Garden is embedded in them. Gardening is a personal experience and we encourage all gardeners to find the balance between what works for them and their plants. There is much to learn, but plants are resilient and often will grow with us as we learn more about what they need to thrive. We believe that over time you will begin to see your plants as vital parts of your life rather than mere accessories. In the strengthening of this beautiful relationship between plant and owner, a way to work with and not against nature emerges. Watching how water flows, your plant grows, and how the light lands will direct your gardening hand.



The Golden Garden

Located inside The Hangout

2122 E 4th St, Long Beach CA 90814

Open Tuesday - Sunday 11am-7pm

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