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Composting with Worms - October 14th 11am -12pm


Saturday, October 14th 11am -12pm

In this workshop Beachside Worms will share with you all about the process and benefits of vermicomposting; which is the use of earthworms to convert organic waste into soil fertilizer.

The byproduct of this process is worm castings, or simply worm poop. Come learn WHY worm poo is like gold for your garden and HOW to best utilize worm castings for your plant and soil health. 

We will also walk you through HOW you can produce and harvest this gold for yourself, through a simple, at-home vermicomposting system, or Worm Bin. 

This workshop is led by Cinthia and Andrew Miller, owners of Beachside Worms. With the course fee of $35, you can expect an informative learning experience with plenty of interaction with gardeners' favorite little workers and their...poop!  We look forward to working with you soon!

The Hangout is located at 2122 E 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814

Free parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood, otherwise metered parking is available on 4th St.

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