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Ivy May Potting Mix


Redwoods Houseplant and Aroid Potting Mix is a great soil-free solution and coco coir alternative. The triple ground redwood comes from sustainably managed forests and is the perfect renewable resource for the eco-conscious plant enthusiast. 

This aroid potting mix is great for many common plants like monsteras, philodendrons, aglaonemas, pothos and ZZ plants.

The potting mix is organic based and 100% free of peat.

  • Triple Ground Redwood Bark
  • Douglas Fir Bark
  • Perlite
  • Earthworm Castings (organic, non-toxic, & chemical free)
  • Essential Oil

Redwoods’ optimal-draining formula was formulated to avoid overwatering and root rot – one of the top reasons plants die. This potting mix is also infused with essential oil to help deter pests. The organic worm castings include kelp and rock mineral to keep your plants happy.

When you use IvyMay’s Redwoods to repot your plant, you’re also helping heal the earth. Each bag purchased also plants one tree to help conserve the Redwood Forest.

Every bag is mixed & hand-poured in Southern California into a resealable & recyclable bag.

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