Classy Casitas

Moisture Meter

This Plant Soil Moisture Meter is reliable and accurate for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Your moisture meter measures the level of wetness between 1 - 10. Level 1 means very dry, and level10 means very wet. No plants can tolerate the two extremes for long, so it is important to often check on all of your plants.

How To Use: Insert the probe vertically into your plant pot. In large pots, insert the meter to root level. In smaller pots, insert the meter about halfway. Adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swings slightly. Read moisture/pH level in the dial after the reading stabilizes. Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use.

Important tips: 1. Do not use it to test very hard soil 2. Never use it to test water or other liquid. Designed for testing soil only. 3. After use, please wipe clean the probe.

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