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Nicotiana tabacum is the most widely grown species of smoking tobacco. While native to the Americas, this plant is a traveler. There are dozens of unique cultivars available, many hailing from distinct parts of the world. Our strain originated from Strictly Medicinal Seeds in Williams, Oregon but can now properly be called a Mano Farm landrace as we’ve cultivated it on our land and saved seed from the plants for many years over.

Smoking Tobaccos are striking ornamental plants that can reach up to six feet in height. They produce abundant gorgeous, pink, trumpet-shaped flowers. However, with the proper nurturance and maintenance in the garden, plants will produce copious leaves that can be harvested and cured for smoking. Note that when tobacco is being grown for smoking, method is everything. Plants must be topped and suckered – essentially prevented from going to flower – throughout their entire life stage. Leaves must be harvested at the appropriate stage – a paling green/light yellow hint that is not easy to convey via words or pictures. And the curing process itself is an art – with a number of tried and trued methods, it’s best to do a lot of research ahead of time prior to harvest. Consult the Fair Trade Tobacco forum for more information.

When done right, home cured tobacco has an entirely different essence than anything that can be found commercially.

85 days from transplant to flower. Annual.
Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

~350 seeds per packed

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