Dried Floral Care Tips

Caring for your Dried Flower Arrangement

Our dried arrangement(s) are made with a lot of care and intention. They will last a lifetime with the proper handling. 
Dried flowers are a charming and elegant addition to the home. With a little care, they can last for years and years to come. They are still a part of nature, so be sure to occasionally inspect your bouquet and feel free to remove any pieces that may show signs of decomposition. 

Do not place in water 
Dried flowers do not require any water. They should be kept dry at all times. In water, their stems become weak and moldy.

Keep out of direct sunlight
Fading is completely natural for dried flowers. However, in order to slow down the process, we recommend to avoid putting them in direct sunlight. 

Avoid placing in humid environments
In humid environments, such as bathrooms, dried flowers become subject to mold and perish easily. For a longer lifespan, place dried florals in a dry and non-humid environment. 

Handle with care 
Dried flowers are fragile and can experience breakage. Therefore, be gentle with your arrangement. 

Like almost everything that stands still in your home, dried florals gather dust. Every so often, we recommend dusting your arrangement with a feather duster to keep them looking fresh and pretty. 

Certain species may also produce allergens and hold/shed fine seeds. If you have an allergy concern, please inquire prior to purchasing. Keep away from children and pets.