The offerings and the philosophy

At the end of 2023 we sadly had to closed our beautiful garden space. Named after the transcendent magic of the golden hour just before sunset, surrounded by a garden full of plants, the Golden Garden was born out of the love of nature and its ability to heal the human soul. Understanding these principles, owner and founder Tanya Bartels created an environment in which both plants and people thrived.
The Golden Garden was located within and behind a historical building in the heart of Long Beach’s “Retro Row” shopping district, in a collaborative and innovative retail space known as The Hangout.
Providing local support to gardeners and plant enthusiasts of all kinds, Golden Garden stocked a wide array of live plants, pottery, gardening tools, books, propagation supplies, seeds, dried florals, and nature based home decor. Golden Garden also offered an array of creative and educational workshops, hosts community plant swaps and cleanups, and deeply cares about connecting people through the lens of nature. 
Around back, you would have found a garden: A distinctively peaceful oasis on an otherwise busy street. Surrounded by more plants than people, one was able to sit with a cup of tea at the tables in the garden and connect with friends, read a book, or watch as delighted shoppers discover the cacti, succulents, and California natives.
A potting station lined the brick wall ready for you to get your hands in the soil and experience the joy of gardening. So much good energy and joy have been created in this garden, you were bound to feel it when you walk outside and sink into the sunshine dancing through the leaves of the mighty Jacaranda tree. 

Within the walls of the Hangout, Golden Garden lined the front corner of the store, with the plants happily waving at you through the giant front windows. You could have circled around our main plant stand for an assortment of abundant varieties to see which plant chooses you. And don’t worry, we wouldn't leave you without some help. You would have found names and care tags on the majority of the plants, and would have sent you home with our plant care guide. For those who have turned their plant love into a lifestyle, and were looking for a gift,  you could have found tools, books, planters, propagation glasses, watering cans, composting bins, organic seeds, and more.
 A beautiful structure built from vintage windows came together to encapsulate a collection of dried and preserved plants and flowers. Here we explored our love of nature and plants in a creative and timeless way. Bundles of dried flowers, leaves and seed pods got arranged to create one-of-a-kind bouquets.
Pressed flowers became framed, preserved portraits of nature. This is where the end of a cycle is celebrated and honored. This aspect of our work recognized the power of transformation, and the unending value of nature.


We will greatly miss this space and are so grateful to have spent so much time in it with you. Thank you for your support and stay connected as we evolve on our path with nature together.