Tanya Bartels has always loved plants and felt drawn to nature from an early age.  Her journey from gardener to guide began when she moved into a home without a garden.  While transforming her new space she felt herself changing and, like plants that reach for the sun, she became aware of how to direct this new energy.  After completing the horticulture program at UCLA and an in depth course on Permaculture in Cuyama, CA, it became clear that a new path was before her, a way to share her passion for gardening.  Bartels now owns and runs the Golden Garden in Long Beach, CA where she can be found teaching workshops and helping customers find the right plants for their homes.



Know your plant. While these are simple words, the philosophy of the Golden Garden is embedded in them. Gardening is a personal experience and we encourage all gardeners to find the balance between what works for them and their plants. There is much to learn, but plants are resilient and often will grow with us as we learn more about what they need to thrive.

We believe that over time you will begin to feel and see your plants as a vital part of your life connecting you more deeply to natural cycles around us. In the strengthening of this beautiful relationship a way to work with and not against nature emerges. Watching how water flows, your plant grows, and how the light lands will direct your gardening hand. 

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