Spring Equinox

Spring is a special time in nature and therefore in our gardens. 

During this time, the axis of the Earth starts to increase its tilt relative to the sun. 

This shift sets into motion a series of significant patterns that help define the season as we know it. The length of daylight rapidly increases, temperatures rise, hibernating animals awaken and the majority of plants begin to spring. 

Over centuries and across cultures, this time of year has represented rebirth and renewal.

 This is also when the life cycle of a plant begins.


It’s our job, the gardener’s job, to observe and honor these cycles. To lend a hand and help create an environment that supports balance and in return will support us.

In honoring these plants, it’s important to understand their origin. This study tells us much more than just the name of a place or location. It gives us a deeper look into the many years it spent evolving to create distinctive characteristics and features. These features or parts of the plants are what we grow to eat, drink, make fibers out of, build our houses with, and simply admire.

It’s also important to note the gardener's work is not solely with the plants. We must try to understand the relationship plants have with the natural elements of light, water and soil to help ensure a flourishing garden and gardener.