Vermicomposting with Beachside Worms

Organic fertilizer, food waste management, and products that make a difference for your plants and gardens.

Some of the most common questions we get asked are concerning fertilizing plants and gardens. Our values encourage us to choose natural processes that avoid chemicals. Like any new practice, it can feel intimidating and overwhelming when you’re new and don’t know where to start. So we found some folks who really know the ropes and want to share their knowledge and experience to get us all on board and gardening in a more integrated way.

We’ll be learning alongside you as we uncover the world of vermicomposting. What is vermicomposting? It is the practice of using earthworm castings (poop!) to integrate lots and lots of nutrients into your soil to keep your plants thriving. There are so many benefits to vermicomposting! So when we connected with Cinthia and Andrew Miller of Beachside Worms, we were over the moon to get under the soil with them and help bring this practice into reach for all of us.

Cinthia and Andrew began working with worms during their own gardening journey to solve their nutrient-needs problems, and found they could grow this practice into something that could not only help other gardeners, but the environment as well. It’s a very effective way to address food waste in the home and provide gardens with fertilizer and soil amendments that are completely natural and chemical-free.

Sharing the same goals for our gardens and our earth, we’re thrilled to begin carrying Beachside Worms’ products in store to support your worm composting needs. We are also proud to host their new introduction to vermicomposting workshop in order to help you gain the knowledge you need to make a plan and get started. 

 Beachside Worms offers bags of worm castings ready to add to your soil, as well as a liquid fertilizer format called Worm Tea, which can be diluted and added to your watering can.

We will also carry their starter kits in store which will include everything you need to begin (except the worms, which can be purchased directly from Beachside Worms).

If you’re interested in learning about this fantastic composting method, please join us for the Vermicomposting Workshop. The Millers will walk you through the benefits, the basics, and how to get started with worms.