A Plant and Garden Guide

Somewhere in the breath between summer and fall, wrapped inside the pause where winter becomes spring, there is a timeless moment. It’s a moment all humans know. We know it in our bones because it’s been around as long as we have. It is change, and it is powerful.

Long before we spent all our days indoors, we danced with nature through these transitions. We lived by the light, read the sky, talked to the plants, and followed the seasons. Although we have given up much of this way, the plants have not. 

We started In Season magazine as a plant and garden guide for several reasons, but our seed moment, our genesis, was listening to the plants and understanding there is something that many of us have lost touch with: the rhythm that they move to as they lead us through the cycle of the year.

It is our hope to guide people in caring for their plants throughout the seasons, and by doing so, reconnect them to nature. We write for the houseplant beginner, the kitchen gardener, the curious enthusiast, and the person keeping a yard bursting with plants. Proficient and fledgeling gardeners are all welcome here, as we write with different levels of understanding in mind.

Our pages will be used to explore many aspects that plant people will enjoy and appreciate: sharing tools we use and love, practical tips from trained horticulturalists, compendiums of useful and fascinating plant facts, style ideas for making your home or yard a design success with your plants, interviews with people who inspire, highlights on organizations that are making a difference, ways to green living, and general delight in the beauty and magic that plants bring into our lives.

We are a diverse team connected by a shared love. A horticulturalist and garden shop owner, a designer and photographer, a poet and artist, with contributions from a cast of equally unique folks with the same passion. As we began to share our feelings and inspiration with each other, we realized a tremendous opportunity lay in front of us, a place to marry fact and poetry, art and education, wisdom and beauty. A way to honor the plants, and help the humans.

It is fortunate for us that we are downright surrounded by our muse. The plants around us all teach both fact and poetry with their very existence. We are simply capturing it, translating it into words, and putting it into your hands. It is our honor to be a bridge for you, dear reader.