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Locating Your Grief in Nature


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Locating Your Grief in Nature: Exploring the wonders of healing your grief using our Earth’s natural landscape

Join Kelly Zane & Tanya Bartels for an evening crafted to pair the power of grief with our planet’s unmistakable healing abilities.

Kelly Zane, a local Death Doula, is passionate in reshaping the collective’s perception of death. She is known to lead her followers on a journey to embrace death as a natural facet of life, offering solace, insight, and tranquility. You can find Kelly at

Tanya Bartels, founder and owner of The Golden Garden in Long Beach is a seasoned elemental of the ages. Tanya is every bit of magic any nature enthusiast could ask for. Her genetic connection to our planet allows for a deeper form of intuitive insight into the lives of plants which in turn deepens the community’s awareness around what life here on Earth is really all about.

On this evening, you will be lovingly guided and supported as you locate your grief in nature.

This workshop includes: talking points on grief, the death/rebirth cycles of nature & how these shared experiences embrace one another. Through group discussion, we will come to find support in nature as a personal healing platform. The topic of grief will be given a soft spotlight that allows for mutual understanding and openness to connect.

There will be two activities that allow for participants to delve deep into their own experience and an outdoor activity to get one-on-one time with nature and the Mother herself.


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