5 Lessons We Learned in 5 Years

Gardening supports a relationship between ourselves and the natural world. Its lessons can build over a lifetime and its teachings enrich our lives in more ways than we understand. Looking back at these last five Golden Garden years, here are a few that have helped shape us. 

Gardening takes time and practice. Each season or project brings a new set of learnings that will layer into the next. Be patient, pay close attention and make adjustments. You will start to feel when things are working. It's worth all the time and effort.


We have a lot to learn from plants. Their sense of intelligence is so different from ours, it’s sometimes hard to remember they are also living beings. It’s important to respect that and appreciate the world they shape around us. We could not survive here without them.


Nature can move you in many ways. Sometimes life has a different plan than you imagined for yourself. When your heart is open and you work with nature long enough, it can heal and help you through difficult times.   

Plants choose their parents. We see it everyday at the store and it's a good reminder that the bond between a plant and its caretaker can be a very special one. When we bring a plant home, it becomes our responsibility to help provide all the right conditions to help them not only survive, but thrive.

Community support makes all the difference. Thank you to The Hangout for creating a platform for us to grow and to the community of Long Beach for supporting Golden Garden and helping it thrive for 5 years.