A Special Kind of Plant

The term ‘air plant’ is used to describe a plant that does not require soil to survive, rather it uses other mechanisms to live and grow.

Air plants are part of the Bromeliaceae family, and more specifically fall under the Tillandsioideae subfamily. Tillandsia species are epiphytes which translates to ‘upon a plant.’ Tillandsias are native to the Americas and can be found growing on trees or rocks in desert and subtropical climates. Most plants absorb their nutrients from the soil, but what makes Tillandsias unique is their ability to absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding air and the surface in which they grow. 

Tillandsias can be a low-maintenance plant to add to your home once the right environment and care is implemented. Their fascinating quality of not requiring soil, allows for an array of different display and styling options in your home.

Care Instructions:

Light: Place in bright indirect light

Water: Soak for 10-20 minutes once a week and mist occasionally 

Toxicity:  Safe for pets and children; Non-Toxic

There are many display and styling opportunities when it comes to air plants since they do not require soil. They are stunning plants alone and you may not want to do more than just prompting them in a spot in your home. But if you are looking to be more creative there’s plenty of options.

Here are a few of our favorites..

Place them in a glass terrarium

Make sure you allow for airflow in the glass vessel. You can layer sand, rocks or even crystals with your air plant, just make sure the plant itself is not covered, and can still have access to air and water.

Mount them to a board, attach to driftwood, or wrap to a crystal. Make sure not to use copper wire as it is toxic to the plant.


Place in a favorite pot that doesn’t have a hole for drainage. Remember, no soil needed! There are also glass artists and ceramists that make specific vessels for these types of plants.

Or... no need to do too much. These plants are beautiful on their own and have an interesting sculptural look that is very unique and artistic.